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If you need prototypes to verify your product before you go into mass production, you can benefit from our prototype concept. The concept consists of several options at fixed low prices and delivery times. See more about the prototype concept below.

Membrane keyboard prototype drawing

Prototype concept

Prototypes at a fixed low price and short delivery time.

Options for a prototype of a membrane keyboard:

  • Digital printed prototypes                                                  EUR 800

  • Silk screen printed prototypes incl. 4 colors                 EUR 1.050

  • Add LED                                                                                 + EUR 270

  • Add IP X5                                                                               + EUR 270

  • Add extra color                                                                    + EUR 35

  • Max format: 400 x 400mm

We deliver your prototypes within 2 weeks of you having approved the drawing. In this way, you can quickly and simply have your samples delivered, so you can move forward with a serial production of your products.

Rapid prototyping with 3D print

Rapid prototyping

If you have designed your complete product but would like to see and feel the product before you invest in tools to produce prototypes, then we can offer to 3D print and digital print as well as construct a complete dummy for you.

Prototype designed in 3D

We help you with quick prototypes

We are ready with advice for building and designing your control panel solution. Prototypes undergo a 100% visual and electrical inspection before you receive them, so you get fully functional prototypes.

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