Silicone keyboard with room for display

Silicone Keyboard

Give the user a sense of a unique design and functionality that makes the experience of your product perfect for the purpose. A silicone keyboard is characterized by being a nice design that is suitable for harsh environments. Silicone keyboards are produced to give the user of the product a clear feedback when the keys are clicked.

Silicone keyboard
Silicone keyboard with enclosure

Silicone keyboard

The user experience is crucial to how a silicone keyboard is constructed and designed. We have many years of experience in user experience and can therefore advise on how your product should be designed in order for your customer to get the best experience.

Silicone keyboards are often used in environments where the user wears gloves, where a clear and distinct tactility is required, as well as an indication of where the key is located. It can also be where the product sits exposed to moisture or dust. This can be in the maritime industry, where the keyboard is exposed to direct sunlight and salt water, or in medical technical products, such as ultrasound scanners or X-ray equipment. This is due to the fact that a silicone mat acts as an additional gasket on the keyboard, making it resistant to the penetration of harmful elements. The silicone keyboard can be used in all environments and in all kinds of weather, without being damaged and maintaining functionality.

By close contact between our international partners and with our technical team in Denmark, we can offer a strong setup when you need to produce your unique silicone keyboard.


The different combinations silicone can provide gives you extraordinary possiblities in your control panel

Silicone keyboard embossed buttons

Unique designs

The silicone keyboard gives you an operating solution with one more dimension. The variety of options with the height of buttons, as well as the design of the keys, allows you to have an increased tactility, as well as a visual depth in the product.

This gives a better feel with the buttons and gives a firm and hard click. You have the option of backlit keys, where the silicone helps to give you a nice homogeneous diffusing.

Complete solution with silicone keyboard

Combination options

Silicone keyboards, like a membrane keyboard, are always combined with several products. If you provide OEM products, silicone keyboards in combination with a front foil are also a good solution. Here you get economies of scale with the variant creation and flexibility of the foil. Silicone keyboards can be produced with PCB or FPC. If there is a display in the keyboard, you have the option to have OCA-bonded your display or touch display herein. Thus, the complete solution is gathered in one place and made ready for your final product.

Wearable technology with silicone button

Innovative options with silicone

Innovation and development Through our Business Eco System, we also have the opportunity to produce more than control panels. It could for example be a silicone wearable tehnology, which contains a silicone wearable rubber band and a silicone button.

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