Seritronic has a wide range of displays that allows many different types of applications.

We offer our monochrome LCD monitors in different technologies.

Where a more advanced user and higher resolution is needed, we recommend our color TFT displays. These are available in a variety of designs, with integrated touch panels, wide viewing angles, extended temperature ranges, and high brightness.

We are also able to bond our screens together with keyboards and protective glass, which gives a better visual experience.

We cover most needs from the smallest size 0.96" up to 26.0"

  • LCD - Graphic mono or mono character
  • TFT - Color screen in high resolution
  • Touch - Standalone or Integrated with LCD or TFT
  • Interface - MCU / SPI / RGB / LVDS
  • No MOQ
  • Automotive Standard



It is possible to have touch screens integrated into your Seritronic control panel.
You have the option of applying resistive or capacitive touch screens with a large choice of coatings depending on your needs (e.g. anti-scratch, anti-glare, etc.)

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