Through innovative cooperation with our customers, we manufacture and develop products such as membrane keyboards, acrylic fronts, mechatronics solutions for various industries. Since the beginning, we have continually developed our production, which has led to a modern production with modern technology and possession of the latest high-technology production equipment. 

We have a focus on creating flexibility in our production, which can provide first-class quality on both low and high volume-manufacturing capacities, but also offer you an optimal price.


Serigraphy is the primary part of the company's foundation, but what is serigraphy exactly?

Serigraphy, also called screen printing, is an ancient Chinese printing method. The method was previously performed with silk. Before this, history prescribes that human hair was used to form the tissue.  However, the printing method was not patented until the beginning of the 20th century, which makes it a newer form of printing.

The printing method consists of printing selected colors on specific materials. It works by pulling the color over a mold onto an underlying material. The printing form consists of a frame that holds the tissue. In the polyester fabric tissue, photo emulsion is added, in which the desired stencil (pattern) occurs by exposing the areas to strong UV illumination. Subsequently, the uncured photo emulsion is rinsed away, and the stencil appears. This process is done by a fully automatic CtS (Computer to Screen) system with a resolution of 1270 dpi (dots per inch), which streamlines and clarifies the frame production.

With each frame, a color is printed, which means that the process is repeated several times until the visual expression of the control panel is created. A spectral photometer with an accuracy of 0.10∆E is used to frame the right color combinations. The photometer also provides the opportunity to measure a given material and put it in as a filter, so we create the best conditions to be able to meet customers' color needs. This applies to both Pantone and RAL colors.

The overlying material on which the color is printed depends on the usability of the finished control panel. Therefore, it is essential whether reservations must be made. For example, about the foil tactile or the environment in which the product is to be included. Since the screen printing only forms the surface of a control panel, it is often mounted together with a PCB (printed circuit board), which is why a switch is printed, which is a printed circuit with current-conducting silver color.

In our production are several technical graphic printers who have made the serigraphic printing method their area of ​​expertise. In this serigraphic printing department, the capacity ranges from a single print to thousands in varying sizes from 10mm to 1500mm. This is possible due to a broad spectrum of tools, which among others, includes manually hand tables and larger fully automatic.

In addition to Seritronic's serigraphic printing, the production also consists of an assembly department and an ESD-secured area.

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