Seritronic is a modern manufacturing company established in the year 2000 by Birgitte Helenius, Hans Henrik Pedersen, and Hans Spliid Hansen. Serigraphy combined with electronics and mechatronics form the foundation of Seritronic’s production. In collaboration with the customer, we develop and manufacture 100% customized solutions.

Our customers deserve the best optimal price and quality and to ensure that we continuously conduct internal quality control during the process. Cause to in-house production and partnerships with carefully selected Asian partners we can offer our customers both low and high-volume manufacturing. We have chosen to cooperate with selected manufacturers in China and Taiwan to create better options for our customers. All our Asian partners are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified. To ensure the high-quality Seritronic performs electrical and visual inspections. Furthermore, our customer is guaranteed delivery through back-up production and safety stock in Denmark.

Seritronic is continuously developed and optimized, which has led us to our current market position as one of the Scandinavian’s leading suppliers and manufacturers of membrane keyboards, control panels, and display solutions. In addition to this, we have the industry’s most competent employees, all of whom are ready to provide you with the best suitable solution for your needs.


Established in the year 2000 by Hans Spliid Hansen, Birgitte Helenius, and Hans Henrik Pedersen

The foundation is to combined serigraphic printing with electronics, and create mechatronic solutions

Headquarter and production in Denmark
Sales office in Sweden

Cooperation with carefully selected manufacturers in China and Taiwan

Today we employ approximately 60 employees

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In 2000, three companions and former colleagues were standing in rubber boots on a field in North Jutland in a town called Støvring. All of them were ready to take the first sod for the building that should form their new business. The foundation was established. They wanted to produce control panels by combining serigraphy with electronics, of which the name Seritronic arose. With their experience from the industry, the three companions knew that they needed to make a strong effort to compete with the existing competitors in the market. With this realization, the ambition became to create a healthy business of such size that they were able to offer customers great flexibility.

Today, Seritronic still has its production and headquarters in northern Jutland, Denmark. In this environment, thousands – if not millions – of membrane keyboards, control panels, and other mechatronic solutions have been produced. In addition to the factory in Denmark, Seritronic also includes a sales office in Sweden, as well as several selected partners in Asia, whose purpose is to support Seritronic’s production with capacity, resources, and knowledge.

Much has happened since that day on the mark in the year 2000. The staff is 10-fold, Asian partners have joined, the production building expanded, investments made and the result of this is that today we can call ourselves a state-of-the-art company, and we are still growing. In Seritronic we believe that we have achieved this positive development by maintaining our foundation, being flexible, and not only focusing on satisfied customers but also satisfied employees and creating a good environment.

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