Seritronic's 20th Anniversary Edition.

It is with pleasure and pride that we can celebrate and mark Seritronic's 20th anniversary.

We highlight it with this newspaper. The newspaper contains stories and memories from our journey; from the early start to this very day when the company is an international player in the market.

Much has happened since we started the business in the northern part of Denmark in the town called Støvring. Today, this address forms our headquarters which not only contains production equipment and office space. Most importantly, the building contains one team, one "family", all of whom have the special Seritronic spirit.

In short, we fully live up to our new slogan "from people to people".
Every day we work hard to deliver what you dear readers expect from a professional business partner.

In the newspaper you will meet a few of our partners and customers, whom we would like to thank for contributing to this newspaper. At the same time, you also meet some of Seritronic's employees.
We look forward to sharing this newspaper with you as you have contributed to what Seritronic has become today, but also with the desire to continue the good cooperation.

Best regards

Birgitte Helenius and Hans Henrik Pedersen

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