5 prototypes according to 3 construction standards from 1.100 EUR

1. Membrane keyboard with meal dome

Total price: EUR 1.100

2. Membrane keyboard with metal domes and LEDs in the same layer
Total price: EUR 1.400 

3. Membrane keyboard with metal domes, LEDs and water gasket (IP 6X)
Total price: EUR 1.600

Now it is possible to get customized prototypes on membrane keyboards according to 3 construction standards. We offer advice from idea to finished product!

Incl. number of colors: 4
Additional colors: EUR 35,00 pr. color
Max format: 400 x 400 mm

For more information please contact:

+45 2075 8084             +45 2075 8086
jho@seritronic.dk        lmu@seritronic.dk

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